Your engagement ring. Your 25th anniversary earrings. The necklace you wear every day. These pieces hold valuable significance, and we know that you want to keep them in in the best condition possible.  Constant wear on jewelry, though, can often lead to damage and can dull its unique sparkle. When damage occurs, it’s important to get your pieces repaired as soon as possible to prevent further deterioration and to keep additional elements from falling off and getting lost.

Or what about your grandmother’s ring, a treasured heirloom that doesn’t fit your finger?  Or the inherited piece of jewelry that’s just not your style but could be reimagined as the perfect statement piece? Why keep beautiful pieces of jewelry locked away when you could be wearing them or passing them along to your family and friends with just a few repairs?

At Brentwood Jewelry, we understand that your jewelry is special to you. And whether you are in need of a minor tune-up or a significant repair, we’ve got you covered! There are schools and courses that teach jeweler skills and jewelry repair, but the best way to gain the skills needed to become a master craftsman – and the way practiced by Brentwood Jewelry – is by years of apprenticeship. With this experience and expertise, we are able to perform most any type of jewelry repair using the latest technology.

Check out three MUST DO NOW jewelry repairs that we do for our customers.
1. Sizing (Too big/too small)

There are a multitude of reasons why you may need to resize your ring, whether your body has changed or the ring has been handed down to you. And it’s actually quite common that when someone gets a new ring — engagement or otherwise — its not sized correctly. Let us help! We will measure your finger and do what it takes to get the perfect fit for your hand.

2. Loose Prongs

Loose prongs are a gigantic risk for losing your precious stone! We can secure your prongs and strengthen them as often as you need us to. How often should that be? That depends on how active you are and how much you wear your favorite pieces. We do recommend preventative care for your most precious jewelry, as regular service will extend its life. Much like you’d take your car in for an oil change, we recommend you bring us your jewelry for some upkeep! Bring your rings in every 3 to 6 months for a cleaning, and we will kick the tires, so to speak. We may find a loose prong or even a missing stone. Simple repairs can sometimes even be done while you wait.

3. Missing stones

Gold is soft. It gets bumped and you are on the go so much you often won’t realize that you lost a prong. Next thing you know, the stones around your big stone fall out! We will find same-colored, same-sized stones and put them back in your ring so you’re ready for your next big night out. Even though we recommend you change your prongs every 5-7 years, we realize that no ring wearer is alike. We will re-tip your prongs whenever you need them strengthened to prevent the stones from ever falling out!

Of course, beyond these three common issues, customers bring us a wide range of jewelry needing an even wider range of repairs. Cracks in the shank of rings, scratches on softer stones, bands that are thinning out – we do everything from simple fusions to complete overhauls. Additionally, we often take inherited jewelry or wedding rings and remake them into updated or completely revised statement pieces. We are also able to repair eyeglasses, belts, shoes, candelabras, picture frames – just about anything!

Your most treasured jewelry is unique and beautiful, and it holds emotional value. We will take gentle care as we work to get it exactly the way you want it. So what are you waiting for? Call us or just drop in to get your jewelry repaired today.