They’re Here! Eco Friendly Diamonds Arrive At Brentwood Jewelry

They’re Here! Eco Friendly Diamonds Arrive At Brentwood Jewelry

At Brentwood Jewelry, we love offering our customers beautiful, exclusive, high-quality jewelry at the best prices around. We work to stay current with jewelry trends while also honoring the lasting value of a classic well-made piece. In keeping with these values, we are thrilled to announce the arrival of a new brand in our store this month – Eco Friendly Diamonds!

Eco Friendly Diamonds are a fantastic line of fashion jewelry made of lab-grown diamonds set in 14karat gold. From glittering pendants to eye-catching rings, sparkling necklaces and stunning earrings, Eco Friendly Diamonds are the perfect new piece for your collection.

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Many people are confused when they see the term “lab-grown diamonds,” so we want to take a minute to clear things up by comparing these relatively new stones to their mined counterparts.

Lab-grown diamonds are identical to mined diamonds in chemical, optical and physical properties.

A diamond is created when carbon is subjected to immense heat and extensive pressure. Mined diamonds were created under these conditions deep within the earth, billions of years ago. Lab-grown diamonds are created within a lab using cutting-edge technology that perfectly replicates these same conditions – immense heat and extensive pressure.

A spokesman from the Gemological Institute of America states, “From our perspective, synthetic diamonds are diamonds. They’re not fakes. They’re not cubic zirconias. They have all the same physical and chemical properties of a mined diamond.” As a result, there is no way to differentiate between the two using the naked eye.

Lab-grown diamonds are conflict-free, socially responsible and bring no harm to the environment.

For every carat of diamond that is mined, almost 100 square feet of land is displaced and nearly 6000 pounds of mineral waste is generated. While many diamond mining corporations are doing their best to mitigate these environmental disruptions, a lab-grown diamond is obtained without any harm to the earth’s ecosystems. Lab-grown diamonds also do not result in injuries or social strife, while mined diamonds can contribute to serious bodily harm among miners and conflict within mining communities.

Lab-grown diamonds are an affordable choice.

Both types of diamonds incur the exact same cost when it comes to cutting, polishing and inspecting the stones. However, lab-grown diamonds skip the lengthy, involved mining process and are instead created in a controlled environment over the course of about eight weeks.

By eliminating the mining process and shortening the diamond supply chain, lab-grown stones can be offered at a lower price point and are generally about one third less expensive than equivalent mined diamonds. This allows higher fashion pieces and larger stone sizes to become a much more realistic option!

This is the first time we’ve offered a lab-grown diamond collection here at Brentwood Jewelry. Like all of our other jewelry selections, we have the utmost confidence in its beauty and value. 

The true significance of a diamond isn’t necessarily where it originated from or how much it costs, but the spirit of love in which it is given. Lab-grown diamonds are here to stay, so why not get in on the movement now?

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