Parade Engagement Rings Are Fabulous for Everyone

Parade Engagement Rings Are Fabulous for Everyone

At Brentwood Jewelry, we have a tradition of excellence that is more than 50 years strong. Every piece of jewelry offered in our store is carefully curated and we are proud of the quality and beauty of each ring, necklace, bracelet, timepiece and brooch that we carry.

Our collection of Parade engagement rings is no exception. Not only are the rings innovatively designed and exquisitely produced, but they are also fabulous for everyone – for every personality, at every price point, for every generation.

Parade engagement rings are perfect for every personality.

Parade Jewelry

Parade’s award-winning design team, anchored and led by the company’s founders, brothers and second generation jewelers Allen and William Pung, has created a diverse assortment of rings that are extraordinarily lovely. There really is something for everyone!

  • Do you value tradition and classic beauty? Parade’s New Classic Bridal Collection is for you, a selection of stunning pieces informed and inspired by the elegance of those engagement rings that never go out of style.

  • Do you love nature? Are you inspired by whimsy, and do you gravitate toward organic elements? The rings in the Lyria Collection will surely speak to you. Every ring is like a delicate blossom, featuring intricate vines, cascading leaves and glimmering petals, spectacular in its elegance and simplicity.

  • Are you a hopeless romantic? Are you drawn to ultra-feminine styles? The Lumiere Collection was created with you in mind. These rings feature exquisite rose cut diamonds set in glowing shades of gold, highlighted by curving, feminine shapes.

  • Do you love all things vintage? The nostalgic, ornate styles of the Hera Collection will capture you. With intricate filigree and milgrain detail, these antique beauties shine with artistic elegance.

  • Are you more of a modern, sophisticated type? The Hemera Collection is for you. These contemporary engagement rings are glamorous and chic, with a sense of style all their own.

  • Do you pride yourself on being unconventional? You’ll definitely want to check out the Reverie Collection, as well as the gorgeous stones of the Parade in Color Collection. Dazzling aqua, pink, red and sapphire? Yes, please!

Parade engagement rings are perfect at every price point.

The question of much to spend on an engagement ring is a unique, personal decision for each couple. Some follow the older Two/Three Months’ Salary rule, while others may not have quite that much to spend (and still others may plan to spend more!). Parade offers gorgeous options at a multitude of prices.

Their Lumiere rings are modest yet captivating and, because they already include a sparkling center diamond, are a remarkably affordable option. Other styles, such as many from their Hemera Collection, are more suitable for a larger budget and require the purchase of a separate center stone. Still others in their Parade in Color Collection dazzle at an even higher price tag. Whatever you’ve decided to spend on your forever ring, Parade has an option for you.

Parade engagement rings are perfect for every generation.

Because they offer so many styles in a variety of price ranges, Parade rings really are a fabulous engagement ring option for brides of all ages. Whether you’re a young bride just fresh out of school, a 30-something career woman about to embark on the most important partnership of your life, or a woman beginning a new chapter with the joy and promise offered by a 2nd marriage, there is an engagement ring for you.

Parade rings are also great choices for couples renewing their vows or celebrating big anniversaries. With such stunning variety, you’re bound to find the ring that captivates you.

With so much beauty to choose from, we know you’ll be excited to come in and see the exquisite Parade pieces in our showcases. Our expert jewelers would love to assist you in finding the perfect ring.

Visit us today in Brentwood or online and find the engagement ring that’s just right for you.

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