A Mondaine timepiece is uniquely recognized throughout the world and is known for its easy-to-read face, simple design and unmistakable red seconds hand. Founded in 1951 by the Bernheim family, who still owns and operates the company today, Mondaine has embodied ingenuity and simplicity from its inception. As it’s moved into the 21st century, Mondaine continues to innovate, adding the first ever Swiss-made Smartwatch, a Paychip feature, ingenious Backlight Technology and a new, eco-conscious design built with sustainable materials.

In 1944 a Swiss Engineer and employee of the Federal Swiss Railways, Hans Hilfiker, created a clock which has since become known as the Official Swiss Railways Clock. When the Mondaine brand took the blueprint of this iconic design and turned it into a watch collection, their name quickly became synonymous with classic minimalist appeal, precision and craftsmanship. Mondaine’s legacy of Swiss manufacturing, authenticity and uncomplicated, concise design has helped it become a highly respected symbol in its own right. Mondaine is now the official – and exclusive – Swiss Railway Watch and is widely considered to be one of the “10 Classic Swiss Watch Designs.”

Nearly 30 years after releasing this world-famous timepiece, Mondaine launched its Helvetica family of watches. Inspired by the Helvetica font, this collection is marked by neutrality, discreetness, efficiency and timeliness.

Mondaine creates watch collections for both men and women at an affordable, giftable price. At Brentwood Jewelry, we are thrilled to offer such an uncompromising, high-quality watch to Nashville, Brentwood and all of Middle Tennessee. Visit us and see how you enjoy wearing this enduring, classic Swiss timepiece on your wrist.



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