Single-hand watches – a concept with tradition:

The tower clocks of the Middle Ages also needed nothing more than a single hand: Visible from far away for the town’s citizens and the rural population, they showed how the day progressed, when it was time to rest, or when to finish work in the evenings. They helped people to plan their time. It was only modern times and the advent of industrialization that made it necessary to think in terms of increasingly short time periods. The clocks were gradually fitted with minute and second hands, which made people aware of the constant passing of valuable time.

  • Urban UR902
  • Salthora SAM903
  • Ref.: AM917BR N° 03
    Bronze NO 3
  • Pangaea-Day-Date Ref.: PDD9Z17S
  • Lunascope LS901
  • Circularis CC308

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