Jewelry can make your wardrobe shine. The right piece can highlight your clothes in a way that sparkles, while the wrong pairing can make the entire look fall flat. If you’ve ever wondered how to perfectly pair jewelry with your outfit, keep reading. We have a few tricks up our sleeve, and by that, we mean we’re going to share our favorite tips on how to pair jewelry. 

Color Choice 

Color & style go together like diamonds & girls. Matching the right color to a particular piece is a science. Reference the color wheel as you’re starting. Color temperatures are an easy yet effective way to create a great color combination for your look. 

Warm-colored jewelry is charged & full of energy. Look opposite on the color wheel for inspiration. A royal blue hue might complement this piece to finish the bold statement. 

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Don’t be afraid to experiment with colors right next to each other as the cool & warm colors blend. A cool green or blue would pop against a vibrant yellow dress. 

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Your Body & Your Style 

Coordinate your clothes, and coordinate your jewelry to match what works best on YOU. What feels best is a personal decision, and it can vary from person to person regardless of body size or shape. 

Do you want to draw attention to your collarbone with a plunging v-neck? Accentuate your collarbone with an inviting v-neck dress by wearing a necklace with a shorter chain.

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If you want to make your body look longer, avoid the short-chain and go for a long one. Add elegance to a flowy blouse, or pair your necklace with a dress that has a round neckline. A long chain draws the eyes up and down and brings balance to a high neckline. 

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The Occasion: Date night vs. A Day with the Girls

How to perfectly pair jewelry with your outfit? Base this decision on three things. Occasion. Occasion. Occasion. Use your discretion based on the event. Jewelry should match the moment just as well as the particular piece matches the outfit. 

For date night, try bold statement earrings with a high neckline dress. No necklace is needed when you’re making a big statement with your earrings. 

The power of simplicity is vastly underrated. Dress us a casual outfit like a white tee & jeans with an elegant yet simple hoop earring. Let your hair down, or pull it back to extenuate the hoops. Once again, other pieces are not needed here because you’re going for casual chic. Use this tip for a day out with the girls or even a day in the office. 

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Pairing jewelry with your outfit is a fun way to showcase your unique personality and style. We hope you’ll use our tips above if you’re ever feeling stumped! If you’re looking to diversify your jewelry collection, shop or visit us in the store to find these pieces and style your looks like a pro!