We are excited to announce that we are now offering Hamilton watches at Brentwood Jewelry. These world-renowned watches are known for their innovation and Swiss precision. This brand creates automatic, mechanical, and quartz watches for both men and women.

Another reason we love Hamilton Watches? For over 100 years, Hamilton has been providing thousands of their watches to the military! And they are also a well-known watch brand in the aviation and film realm. Hamilton is the official watch of the new film, Tenet.

How cool is that? Now let’s talk about their watch lines.

Khaki Field Watches


Are you looking for the ideal military watch? The Khaki Field collection includes classic army style watches that have been tried and tested over time. Rugged, robust and resilient, they’re ready for the outdoors and can compete with the best sport watches out there. Built for life’s adventurers, they’re guaranteed to be equal to your needs out in the field.

Hamilton Cinema Watches


Watch appearances in movies are dominated by Hamilton in films. With over 500 movie credits to our name, the movie industry has put Hamilton at the heart of the cinema and at the center of the big screen. From Hollywood action films to sci-fi classics, Hamilton is the movie brand, creating memorable watches for popular movies.

As you can see from the watch options above, there is a different style for everyone! From their military and film presence, they truly have mastered the art of culture. Come by the shop to see this great new watch line or shop online today!