One of the most respected and established watch brands in the United States. With a product range in the 21st century to keep pace with shifting consumer patterns. But, despite changes in appearance, the founding spirit of the brand – industrial function – is never compromised. It is upheld in Ball’s original details, such as the watch dial that faithfully follows his design guidelines for the standard railway watch. Every detail, from the shape of the hands to the style of the numerals, was laid down by the founder in his quest for accuracy in timekeeping. It is a vision that the Ball family remains faithful to. For legions of men and women today whose split-second decisions keep the world ticking, it is a shared commitment.

  • Tritium Dials and Hands
  • Self winding automatics
  • Shock proof
  • Patented A-proof Anti-magnettechnology
  • Patented Crown protector
  • BALL Watch – Since 1891, accuracy under adverse conditions

  • Ball Engineer
  • Ball Engineer III
  • Ball Engineer III
  • Ball Fireman

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