AVA Couture is passionate about the quality of their jewelry. The craftsmanship is meticulous and follows the century-old traditions of jewelry making. Intricate and unexpected details make AVA jewelry look and feel unique and different.

Original design elements, some for all to see and others for your-eyes only, make each piece all the more personal. It is because of the importance given to quality that AVA has consciously chosen to manufacture the majority of their jewelry here in the U.S!


  • Dia Hoop, 1.60ctw H1001-2-80
  • s418353214647043064_p177_i5_w640
  • s418353214647043064_p324_i8_w640
  • Ava
  • 18KTW Hoop Em 18.16ct Dia 2.75ct
  • 18K Hoop Em 18.16 ct , Dia 2.75 ct
  • Ava

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