Things have definitely heated up in the Nashville area this Summer! The season’s long, sweaty days and sultry, balmy nights call for their own distinctive wardrobe from the top of your head to the tips of your toes, and the watches you wear around your wrist each summer should not be excluded. 

Here are four timeless and stunning watches to complete your summer and fall wardrobe, year after year!

Raymond Weil Freelancer

This timepiece, with its blend of soft femininity and dynamic power, is perfect for today’s modern woman. Its stainless steel band, stainless steel case and silver indexes make a beautiful subdued statement, while the warmth of its sophisticated rose-tone dial brings to mind a refreshing glass of sparkling summer rosé. This watch provides 330 feet of water resistance, making it the perfect choice for active individuals.

Avi 8 Hawker Hurricane 4062

We love the way this timepiece suggests the nostalgia of a 1940s wartime aviator watch while being the epitome of precise, modern watchmaking. The translucent dial offers a peek at the chronograph movement without sacrificing clarity and legibility. We also love the options available – the case comes in black, stainless steel, or rose gold and the dial is offered in both blue and black. With a choice of leather or leather NATO strap in many colors, it’s a breeze to make this watch one that pairs perfectly with your summer or fall aesthetic, whatever that may be.

Longines HydroConquest

With a water resistance of up to 1000 feet and options for stainless steel or rubber NATO strap, this sports watch is just what you need for summer and fall days near the water. While each style has its own sophisticated look, we especially like the beautiful blue dial that pays homage to a brilliant ocean. If you’re looking for something particularly special, check out their USA exclusive HydroConquest (also available in that summertime blue, with an additional NATO strap!).

Anonimo Epurato

This beautiful timepiece has a bit more of a dressy look, but its playful color options keep it a perfect choice for summer and fall whimsy and fun. Its exhibition back and leather strap add to its stunning appearance. Contemporary and refined, the square cushion case and gorgeous fluted bezel make this watch a standout choice. 

Let your summer and fall style express itself in all aspects of your wardrobe, and let our in-house watch experts at Brentwood Jewelry help you make the perfect choice for communicating that style on your wrist. We’re here for all of your Nashville, Brentwood and Franklin watch needs, so call or stop by today!