3 Hot Jewelry Trends You Can Find At Brentwood Jewelry Today

There are many reasons to look forward to 2018. New technology, new movements, new art and new trends. As the fashion industry sheds its skin for the new year, we get to see all of the fantastic trends emerge that we will perfect in the months to come. At Brentwood Jewelry, we are most excited about the new trends in fine jewelry. 

Don’t get us wrong, we love some of the more dramatic jewelry styles that designers like Vogue used to grace the catwalk this past year. That said, we want to show you some of the more classic and simplistic styles that exist right here within our own store that rival the pages of high fashion magazines. 

There are many style trends that we get to see every day. We want to share three of our favorites with you.

Layered Necklaces

Layered necklaces are one of the hottest new trends in jewelry and boy, are we happy about it! You can mix and match your favorite pieces to tie together different aspects of your wardrobe. Mix your grandmother’s necklace with a brand new piece you’d buy right here in our store. Or, find yourself collecting different styles, charms, pendants and chains. Matchup different lengths and even different metal types

Ever wish there was a way to wear a favorite necklace even though it doesn’t match your outfit? No problem! You can wear something old and new, silver or gold, to tie it all together with layered necklaces! We have incredible necklaces in our store you can mix and match, like jewelry pieces from LaFonn JewelersClick here to see the lengthy catalog of necklaces that you can layer to match your own style!

Vintage Style Watches

It is cute when little boys wear their Mickey Mouse or Power Rangers watches but once they are grown, we are happy that the style changes. In 2018, the style hasn’t just changed, it has gone back in time. At Brentwood Jewelry, we love the new vintage, throwback styles of these classic watches that recall memories of railway and aviation timepieces

Our brands like OrisAVI-8 and Tissot have fine-tuned this style resulting in some of the finest vintage style watches on the market. Not only are they made with a sturdy design, they are reminiscent of a time long since past. The best thing about vintage timepieces is the ability for them to pass seamlessly from casual wear to a night out, while remaining in perfect step with the rest of an ensemble. No more changing your watch every time you change your clothes. Talk about progress… with a throwback appeal.

Statement Earrings

We have fashion icons like Audrey HepburnElizabeth Taylor and even English royalty to thank for the classic trend of big statement earrings. We love this trend because it comes and goes when we look back at fashion history. The best part about the statement earring trend is that it makes a bold claim while pulling out accents in your ensemble that you want to highlight

Brentwood Jewelry showcases designers like Doves by Doron PalomaKattan and Ava Couture who have created some of the most stunning and jaw-dropping earring styles this season

Statement earrings are all the rage again as the bold style perfectly showcases the daring nature of the 2018 spirit. These pieces can embolden you when paired with the right cocktail dress or they can add a little drama to a blouse and designer jeans. We recommend you come into Brentwood Jewelry today to explore all of our many statement earrings along with many other treasures you may fall in love with. So, harness your inner Judy Davis and rock that look!

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One of the best things about being in the jewelry business is we get a sneak peek of where fashion is heading every season. Because of this insider perspective, we are sure to fully stock our store with everything you need to perfectly capture the newest trends

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