Introducing the Lumiere Bridal Collection from Parade

September 29th, 2017 by

We’re busy unboxing our latest jewelry collection and we can’t wait to tell you about it. The new Lumiere Bridal Collection from Parade is absolutely exquisite!


Exquisitely feminine, to be exact, complete with rose cut center diamonds. 

Charming and delicate, the Lumiere Bridal Collection delights with luminous rose cut and brilliant cut diamonds in glowing shades of gold. Choose from white, yellow or rose gold and platinum. 


Sparkling center diamonds are included in these feminine, captivating yet modest styles. 


Come by and see this new, exquisite bridal collection from Parade Design today! We can’t wait to show you.

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5 Organizations You can Help In Houston

August 29th, 2017 by

We are so sad and broken about what’s happening in Texas and Louisiana, especially in Houston. Our team is currently working hard to figure out how to use our resources to help in the best way possible. In the meantime we’ve put together this list of local resources that need your support TODAY! 

  1. Samaritan’s Purse is non-denominational organization that provided spiritual and physical help around the world, that are on the ground now in Texas, that will need volunteers and donations for next several months.
  2. Direct Relief is a Not for profit organization that supplies medical supplies to areas around the world including all 50 United States. They already prepositioned supplies and ready to go in during hurricane season. You can donate to them directly.
  3. Established by ten local United Methodist Churches in San Antonio, Texas, since 1997 the Texas Diaper Bank has been working to meet the basic needs of vulnerable babies, children with disabilities and seniors. They are requesting donations to help with disaster relief in Texas. 
  4. Driscoll Children’s Hospital is a pediatric care center that weathered the storm well and still has power they are asking for donations. Driscoll Children’s Hospital is located in Corpus Christi, offers services through South Texas, including Corpus Christi, the Rio Grande Valley, Victoria and Laredo. 
  5. The SPCA of Texas is putting every available resource behind assisting pets and people who have evacuated the Gulf Coast to the North Texas area. they are deploying staff, volunteers and supplies to support evacuees housed at the mega shelter opening  in Dallas, working with city and county disaster officials to care for the pets of evacuees. They are asking for volunteers to help boarding displaced pets and accepting donations.
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Father’s Day Gift Ideas from the Dads of Brentwood Jewelry

June 10th, 2017 by

You might be disappointed to know that Father’s Day was, well… kind of an afterthought. It was established in the early 20th century to complement, yep you guessed it: Mother’s Day. At Brentwood Jewelry, we consider the role of dad’ing EQUALLY important to the role of mom’ing and we want to make sure you celebrate the dad in your life well this year!

In fact, next weekend our family will be celebrating our fellas including our DAD- Salem!

We have excellent gift selections for dad in our store! And, through the month of June, we are offering some BIG discounts on our watch products!

Here are a few hand-selected (by the dad’s of Brentwood Jewelry) picks for the dad in your life! 

A pen from Signature Pen Company

signature pen company

Signature Pen Company is a custom pen craftsman based in Nashville, Tennessee. From small pens to collectors series, they can make a custom pen of your choice. We have a cabinet full of these unique, hand-crafted pens! 

A Watch Winder

watch winder

If the dad in your life has an automatic watch, he needs a great watch winder. We have an impressive collection of these handy tools and even better, we have BIG discounts on them in June!

What’s a watch winder, you ask? According to “These mechanical devices are engineered to make an automatic or self-winding watch operate fluently. A bonafide watch winder keeps your watches’ movements going, thereby saving you from having to reset it!”


These watches from one of the newest and hottest watch brands are flying off the shelves! Not only are they stylish and high quality but also affordable! And if that’s not enough to get you in the store, next weekend we will be giving away one Avi-8 to a lucky winner! Click here for details.

A Watch Repair

Chances are, dad has some older watches that have been sitting in his cabinet for years and could use some repair. Bring them in and we’ll bring them back to life!  

A Ring from Qalo

By now, you’ve probably seen someone wearing a Qalo ring at the gym. These are functional wedding rings for the active lifestyle. Inspiring a movement that embraces and shares the power of commitment! 

Call or come by and see us today to find that perfect gift for the deserving dad in your life! 

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Introducing Our Latest Watch Brand AVI-8

May 18th, 2017 by


We are constantly looking for the latest and most trusted brands in watches that stand the test of time for quality and excellence. We have once again found just that brand. We’re thrilled to introduce our latest watch brand to you: AVI-8!

The AVI-8 brand brings an unmatchable level of quality and precision and adds an additional component of value! Yes, these incredible watches are in the $1oo-$200 price point! You can’t beat this value. And you will only find this incredible watch brand in the South and West Nashville, Brentwood and Franklin area at Brentwood Jewelry! 

The best engineers, scientists, designers and pilots have combined over the years to produce cutting edge machines that were designed for the crucial purpose of a country’s defense. Drawing on the absolute best in materials and resources, a series of iconic planes have emerged over the years that serve as a benchmark to look upon in man’s progress in the sky.

The AVI-8 collection of timepieces seeks to honor both the aircraft and the untold story of the airmen who have dedicated themselves both in and out of the cockpit to bring these incredible machines to life. 

Featured in 





CALL OR VISIT US TODAY to learn more about AVI-8!



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The Perfect Gift for Mothers Day in All Price Points

May 9th, 2017 by

Have you purchased that special gift for Mothers Day for the hard-working mom in your life yet? If not, time is running out! Don’t fret, we have everything she will love in any price point here at Brentwood Jewelry!

Here are a few options for you:

$200 price point Gift for Mothers Day:

The new and fabulous Daniel Wellington Classic PetiteDaniel Wellington’s neatest Classic yet is a statement timepiece that truly reflects the design approach of the brand. With a contemporary look and sophisticated design, this 32mm watch is a must-have staple for every modern icon. Classic Petite is available in rose gold and silver and with a black or white dial.

Daniel Wellington

$1000 and up price point gift for Mothers Day:

Doves by Doron Paloma fine jewelry. Doron combines 18 karat gold, diamonds and precious gemstones to create unique treasures! Doron Paloma is synonymous with eye-catching and wearable heirloom-quality jewelry.


Around $1500 price point gift for Mothers Day:

Bangle style bracelets! We have lots of different brands and styles to choose from including our very own designs from SalemE. Designed and made right in our store by Salem Emamalie and team!  


That’s just a small sample of what we have in stock for you to choose from. Come in and see us today to get the perfect gift for that wonderful mom in your life! 

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Daniel Wellington, Kendall Jenner and a Brentwood Jewelry Exclusive

April 3rd, 2017 by



Daniel Wellington

We couldn’t wait to share this big news with you. We are so excited to show you the new collab between one of our favorite watch crafters- Daniel Wellington and trend-setter Kendall Jenner! And yours truly, Brentwood Jewelry, is one of the few selected stores around the world to carry this exclusive line! 

Daniel Wellington’s neatest Classic yet is a statement timepiece that truly reflects the design approach of the brand. With a contemporary look and sophisticated design, this 32mm watch is a must-have staple for every modern icon. Classic Petite is available in rose gold and silver and with a black or white dial.


Classic Petite introduces Daniel Wellington’s first-ever mesh watchband. With its undeniable elegance, the beautifully crafted strap is soft and lightweight, and sits comfortably on your wrist. Made from stainless steel, the mesh strap is available with a silver or rose gold plating, and its length can easily be adjusted.


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50 years of Legacy and Loyalty

March 9th, 2017 by

Two words surface when discussing the 50 year anniversary of Brentwood Jewelrylegacy and loyalty. 

50 year old plant given to Salem by Irwin Burnblom on the first day of his store opening!


When you visit Brentwood Jewelry, you’ll immediately see a very special plant near the front door. Fifty years ago, Irwin Bornblom, the owner of Bert’s Men & Boys, gave Salem this plant as a gift on the first day he opened the shop. Irwin came to the United States as a Polish immigrant and lived his life committed to being generous.  He and Salem became fast friends, and although he is no longer living, Salem tends the plant Irwin gave him half a century ago. 

Also, at the front door you may notice a logo that seems misleading “E & K Jewelers”. Before the Brentwood Jewelry name was used, the store was named for Salem’s last name “Emamalie” and his friend Tommy King. When Salem was 21, he opened the store with his buddy. Later, King moved away, so Salem dropped the K and continued to build his jewelry business. But, to honor his friend, Salem kept the logo.  He wanted to never forget his modest beginnings. Forty years ago, when Brentwood Jewelry moved to the current location, Salem retained his legacy by bringing the original door to the new store.

Salem and his wife agreed on June 5th as the grand opening date for the new location. However, on the morning of the grand opening, Salem got a call that his wife had just been rushed to the hospital. Their first baby was about to be born. Instead of a grand opening on June 5th, the Emamalie’s welcomed a baby boy into the family. That baby, Brandon, grew up in the store and still works there every day. 


As Salem remembers the past 50 years, he thinks mostly about the stories of his customers, who he considers family. He remembers the time when a man came in the store saying he was in big trouble and he needed a ring that would sweep a girl off her feet, but there was only one problem: he’d forgotten his wallet! That man, Ed Whitley walked out of the store with the perfect engagement ring and has been married for decades! He is still a good friend to Salem and is also on the board of the Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center. 

Another customer Salem fondly remembers was a man that stopped him in the parking lot after he’d locked up the store. The man needed a new watch battery, so Salem did what a dedicated jeweler would do: he opened the store back up and got the man a new battery. Ten years later that man returned to the store and bought an exquisite ring, and reminded Salem of that watch battery incident years before. The customer remembered the extra mile Salem had gone for him, and rewarded Brentwood Jewelry with his business. 

Salem’s loyalty to his customers and dedication to excellence is apparent in everything he does. This is his legacy: to be loyal to his customers through all of life’s changes and challenges. Who knows what the next fifty years will look like, but you can be sure of one thing: it will include Brentwood Jewelry. 




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Top Most Romantic Spots in the Nashville Area

February 16th, 2017 by

We asked our followers on social media where they thought was the most romantic spots in Nashville and you delivered! Here’s our favorites from the ones you shared with us (We think these are all great places to give her or him that perfect gift of jewelry!) 

Mama Mia’s

This little out of the way “hole in the wall” on Trousdale Drive is the best Italian restaurant in Nashville and perfect spot for popping the big question! If you’d like to pop some champagne while you’re there, don’t forget to BYOB. Oh but don’t forget, the buttered garlic rolls! Be still my heart (which, they could very literally still anyone’s heart from artery clogging, but they are so WORTH it!) 

Saffire Restaurant & Bar

Saffire in Franklin, TN located at The Factory at Franklin is known for its couture cocktails, elegant entrees and vibey atmosphere. Nuzzle away in a white-tableclothed corner, gaze into your dinner dates eyes, and hand her a sapphire to make a night she’ll never forget. 

Love Circle

romantic spots in nashville

According to the website 10 best, A trendy and “hidden” locale, Love Circle is the site the locals refer to as Music City’s lover lane. Located near Vanderbilt between Natchez Trace and West End, this residential street winds its way up a steep hill to a small park overlooking the city. A popular vantage point for Fourth of July fireworks, the park is also a preferred spot for romance, as the name implies. 

And we agree, Love Circle is definitely one of the most romantic spots in Nashville. 

Ravenswood Mansion

brentwood jewelry takes it to Ravenswood Mansion in Brentwood, TN

This historical treasure has a history of romance. A now popular Brentwood venue for weddings, the Ravenswood Mansion was built in 1825. According to the location’s website

Ravenswood Mansion, nestled amid 400 acres of forested hills in beautiful Brentwood, Tennessee, is the ideal location for your wedding, reception, corporate party, or “high tea”.  Guests will marvel at the lovingly restored 1825 antebellum mansion, as well as the rolling hills and abundant wildlife at Ravenswood.  Located inside Marcella Vivrette Smith Park, the mansion is truly a premier event venue in Middle Tennessee.

Arrington Vineyards

A glass of Arrington Vineyards pinot noir, a plate of cheese and crackers, a blanket under the stars, and the view —oh the view —all add up to the most romantic night possible. The rest is up to you, my friend. Cheers to Romance!

Radnor Lake

Big romance on a small budget calls for a walk, hand in hand, around this nature haven just south of Nashville on the edge of Brentwood. See Tennessee birds and wildlife at its best. Turtles plop in the water, thrushes take flight, and you hand him that sweet Daniel Wellington watch you’ve been saving up for! 

 Keep sharing your ideas of the most romantic spots in Nashville! 


the Emamalie Family

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Cut & Paste Engagement Ring: Customizing Your Engagement Ring at Brentwood Jewelry

January 19th, 2017 by

Did you know you could cut & paste all your favorite parts of rings, customizing your engagement ring? Did you know it could be a personalized, romantic, one-of-a-kind-just-like-your-relationship ring? 

You can! 

We love creating a custom ring that is exactly what you always dreamed of having! 

Here’s the steps you need to take to design your own custom engagement ring! You pick the parts, we’ll make it for you!

1. First, choose what kind of SHANK you want. 

Custom Engagement Rings Brentwood Jewelry

UK based diamond expert Mark Johnson describes the shank as such:

The band or shank of the ring is the part of the ring that wraps around the finger, holding the ring on the hand. The profile, or cross section of the band is typically a court profile, being curved slightly on the inside and outside of the ring. Variations do exist across in many styles, from engagement rings with flat court bands, to styles with heavy D shaped shank profiles. Width is also a consideration, with 2.5mm being fairly standard, and 2mm – 3mm being regular variations to this.

Consider that a thin shank will easily rub thinner over the years and might crack easily, though making this kind of repair is a straight-forward fix that we make here at Brentwood Jewelry all the time.

2. Choose your favorite SETTING. 

Cut & Paste Engagement Ring: Customizing Your Engagement Ring at Brentwood Jewelry

The design of the setting gives the ring its unique style. Your individual tastes will determine which is perfect for you. According to the English based diamond dealer Mark Johnson from the UK’s Serendipity Diamonds, the setting of a diamond engagement ring is: 

…the part of the ring that holds the diamond in place. This is the area of the ring, where the greater proportion of the budget goes. The setting itself can vary greatly in style, but here we have a four claw setting. shown above in the compass setting style, with claws oriented North-East-South-West. You may see reference to prongs instead of claws, but where claws are not present, there is usually a retaining area of metal – a circle or bezel around the diamond, or a bar, holding the diamond within the ring. More claws offer greater stability, but fewer claws show more of the diamond, hence their popularity.

Here are the three main setting styles:


Prong: A projection of metal overlaps the edge of a stone and secures it to the setting.
Cathedral/Contour: Rising slopes of metal secure the stone to the setting on two sides.
Bezel: A perimeter of metal completely surrounds the stone and secures it to the setting.


3. Determine Your Favorite Style of SHOULDER.Cut & Paste Engagement Ring: Customizing Your Engagement Ring at Brentwood Jewelry

Diamond expert Mark Johnson says, 

 The shoulders of a diamond engagement ring fall below the setting, regardless of whether or not the ring is a one part or two part design (adjoined setting & shank.) The shoulders can vary in width to the underside of the band or can run at constant with all of the way from underside to setting. Many traditional styles narrow or taper under the setting. ..The shoulders can be solid, or can appear to divide – one part continuing the band, whilst part of the shoulder splits and rises to the setting. Alternatively this triangular ‘open’ aperture can be solid metal, another subtle design variation.


Channel: Stones rest side by side, between two parallels of metal.
Flush: Stones are secured within tiny openings within the setting.
Pave: Small place settings within the setting secure small stones.

4. Do you want any FILIGREE or ENGRAVING?


According to Green Lake Jewelry,

The art of filigree consists of curling, twisting and bending fine threads of wire by hand. This may sound simple, but as the saying goes, it takes an hour to learn and a lifetime to master. First the wire is drawn out, often to less than half of a millimeter in diameter, then either used round or flattened for strength.The wire is then carefully formed to the preferred shape under a bench microscope. A whimsical eye, steady hand and consideration of the area being filled is required. The gauge(s) of wire being used is taken into careful consideration so that the desired effect is achieved.


5. What about MILGRAIN? 


Again, diamond expert Mark Johnson describes the effect of milgrain on an engagement ring: 

Milgrain edging is a detail which produces the effect of small beads or grains of metal on the edge of the ring, or item of jewellery. Milgrain edging produces a wonderful decorative effect which has seen a rise in popularity alongside new vintage styles of engagement ring designs. This style of edging can be produced in a variety of ways.

6. Last, but most importantly, not least, choose your DIAMOND. 

The shape, the color, the clarity, the size. The four C’s of diamond shopping: Clarity, Color, Cut, Carats. These 4 standards were developed by the Gemological Institute of America and is described here: 

Until the middle of the twentieth century, there was no agreed-upon standard by which diamonds could be judged. GIA created the first, and now globally accepted standard for describing diamonds: ColorClarityCut and Carat Weight. Today, the 4Cs of Diamond Quality is the universal method for assessing the quality of any diamond, anywhere in the world. The creation of the Diamond 4Cs meant two very important things: diamond quality could be communicated in a universal language, and diamond customers could now know exactly what they were about to purchase.

As creator of the Diamond 4Cs and the International Diamond Grading System™, GIA is not only a global authority, but the world’s trusted source for unbiased assessment.


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A Delicate December: Winter Jewelry Trends 2016

December 15th, 2016 by

Winter Jewelry Trends for 2016 are clearly making a statement here at Brentwood Jewelry! From classic to delicate, the styles are flying out of our showroom faster than we can create them. Haven’t gotten your honey a gift yet? Not to worry, we have you covered!

Snowflakes, as they say, are one of a kind. Each delicate flake, a tiny reflection of infinitive detail and craftsmanship. Snowflakes remind us of the pieces that are selling here at Brentwood Jewelry. People are buying classic, understated, elegant, and of course, valuable statement pieces that reflect the unique love the giver wishes to honor between them and their loved one. 




14K .51 TDW (Total Diamond Weight) 

This bracelet is a whimsical take on the classic cuff bracelet which follows the winter jewelry trends of 2016. Cuffs tend to be bulky statement pieces, so this one is a delicate design that overcomes the trendy fashion hump!


Brentwood Jewelry Trends for Christmas 2016

14K White Gold .53 TDW — 14K Rose Gold .53 TDW — 14K Yellow Gold .53 TDW 

Stackers are really all the rage this year, though they will remain stylish for years to come. This is simple bangle bands that speak of luxury, elegance, and class. These bracelets are part of our Salem E line which represents his airy aesthetic and is a jewelry collector’s dream. 


Brentwood Jewelry trends Christmas 2016

14K Yellow Gold, .5 TDW

The yellow gold tennis bracelet has a diamond-paved bar and is simple, understated elegance. This is a 100% style proof bracelet and will be loved by anyone no matter their taste.


Rings & Earrings


Stackable rings are a THE winter jewelry trend 2016. These sweet stackers are perfect for a young lady just beginning to build her jewelry collection and would be a special gift for any girl aged 13 to 30! 


Brentwood Jewelry Trends Christmas 2016

These 14K white gold, diamond paved hoops are stunners and perfectly on trend for a winter formal or cocktail party! Classic beauties! 


Why not start a collection of stacker rings starting with this rose gold, diamond-paved delight?! 




This delicate necklace brings youthful femininity to the neckline. Dress this up or down, you cannot go wrong with this.  Total diamond weight is .3 carat; Total On-Trend rating is 100%! 



This starburst diamond pendant is an heirloom in the making. Pass this one down the generations and it will always be a cherished piece. Mixed 14K golds assures the wearer that the necklace will pass any “matching” tests and is currently on trend with the delicate, airy design. 



This sideways cross follows the bar trend and is a currently hot trend item that will unquestionably win the heart of the gifted! The .3 TDW brings lasting value to this totally now piece of jewelry! 

Whatever it is you are looking for this Winter holiday, we have it! Come on by the store! We love seeing your face! 

Merry Christmas!


The Emamalies!

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